Apple Inc. released the updated version of iOS powering iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, iOS 4.3 recently. With iOS 4.3 update, Apple is now supporting the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 1 and iPad 2 only. This thing means that all other old versions of Apple has stopped support with iOS 4.3 being the last. But I’m sure you want to have iOS 4.3 on your older iDevice including iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 2G, 1G and for that the WhiteD00r team solved the problem.

Whited00r team provides custom firmware cooked for older iDevices which are less powerful. They have released iOS 4.3 supporting iPhone 3G, 2G and iPod Touch 2G, 1G. The whited00r iOS 4.3 is available in full and lite versions.

“Full edition includes all features (same of them can be added via our Cydia repo too), so if you want a great upgrade use this. Lite editions offer better performances since HomeScreen Wallpapers and Multitasking are not included.”

Whited00r team provides versions for every old Apple device and also a guide that will show you how to update your firmware step by step.

Download iOS 4.3 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G & iPod Touch 2G & 1G

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  • Not good

    Same info, different site.. still wrong. no upgrade from whited00r for iPhone 2g.

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    Hi Jocelyn, Unfurtunately, You can´t go back, because you didn´t saved your SHSH Blobs for previous versions of iOS, But whats the reason to downgrade? Is your Iphone Locked? Lets see what I can do for you.

  • Mamello

    I want to download iSO 4.3 for my phone so that I can get Facebook and WhattsApp . I hate iPhones why the heck does everything have to be soo complicated. On top of that even the service providers can’t help.

    • Chris Erick

      Then buy an Android phone :)

  • Kamila

    Hey guys i have an iPhone 3g n i was goin thru probs wid iOS 4.3
    just found a solution!
    u must have itunes on ur laptop
    connect ur iphone 2 d laptop n open itunes
    then restore it
    when u restore it, ur software will be updated…
    m restoring it right now, hope it works!!

    i hope this is helpful!


    • anony

      hey kamila…..
      did ur iphone 3g get ios 4,3??
      i dnt thnk so.
      so, have u got ny option now??
      have u tried this software?

    • / aniket

      really its work kya ?????

    • Juana

      Could u plis help me?????

  • Francisco


  • skid

    this a 3.1.3 ios and does NOT support apps convertible 4.3

  • anony

    I have iphone 3g, n deadline for it is ios4.2.1,,,, so, i can’t download apps, coz all apps now support iOS 4.3 at minimum.
    has anyone tried to upgrade to ios4.3 using this software?? Does it really work.??
    coz as far as i knw iphone 3g can’t be upgraded to 4.3

    plz provide an input asap

    • http://yahoo sadip

      did this formula works

  • skumar

    this will not updated to 4.3.. fake message

    • Craig Lambie

      This is correct – this is NOT an iOS v4.3 upgrade – I repeat – NOT an upgrade for iphone 3g.

  • Willian

    I want 2 install iOS 4.3. To install tango

  • Saif khan

    Hi I am not download anything so help me

  • hassan

    How can i install ios 4.3 in ipod 2g i know white door works but i have mc and white door workson mb

  • Juana

    Hey there! I dont know how to install IOS 4.3 in my iPhone 3GS, could someone help me plis?


  • D4mnit

    Don’t trust this bull shit. It doesn’t work, only wasting your time because software 3.1.3 not 4.3.0.