The latest verion of the Android operating system, is Ice Cream Sandwich. It was revealed in May last year, but the first smartphone to feature the ICS was the Galaxy Nexus, which was released in October last year. Its been four months since it was released, but unfortunately only approximately 1% of Android devices are running Android 4.0, the rate of adoption is much lower than expected.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

After this fail, Google wants to release an ICS successor, known as Jelly Bean, in June this year. With Microsoft’s plan to release Windows 8 operating system in the third quarter of 2012, Google wants to provide competition for with their Jelly Bean by releasing the operating system in June 2012.

Google are hoping to see an increased number of devices runing Android 4.0 through the Mobile World Conference, which is taking place in Barcelona at the end of this month.